Friday, April 1, 2011

Entering In

While the majority of seminarians, seminary graduates, and theology enthusiasts are reading and responding to Robb Bell's, "Love Wins," I have been doing some lighter reading: Don Miller's "A Million Miles in a Thousand Years."  I have no gauge on how far behind I am...when did this book come out?...Barnes & Noble still has Miller's book only in hard back, so I can't be that out of the loop.?.  Right? 

Anyhow.  I read the book because one of my new, favorite friends Tammy Breeser recommended it and this is generally how I decide what to read next: when someone awesome says a book impacted their life.  And I am so glad I did.  Thank you, Tammy! 

The concept is simple.  The theology loose, (but not off target; typical Donald Miller).  And the impact great.  In four words: enter into your story.  (Wait - is "into;" "in," "to;" or "into"...maybe five words).  He just says to really live your story.  Stop imagining it.  Get out of your head and get INto the narrative: the mess of it, the boring day-in-and-out of it, and face the fear of it.  It will be far more doable AND far more freeing than you imagine. 

His is a modern, north American existential narrative.  He describes himself: he got off the couch and on a bike to ride across the continent, he forgave his father, he started a mentoring non-profit, etc.

I think this is what James talks about: faith without works is dead.  It is! Don't you feel it? I do when I am not entering into my story; especially when I am just thinking about it.   But when I do enter in, even when it is painful, I find freedom.  And Life.