Thursday, October 22, 2015

US to Europe with a Babe

I've been meaning to write about our travels with Maisey, but somehow with the life, work, and, well, travel!, it's been seriously delayed.  But I just went through Dan's iPhone photos and found some real gems.  So, here are my best tips on traveling with a one year old from the U.S. to Europe. 

In May, soon after Masiey's first birthday, we went to Europe for ten days for a work trip for me, and a little family adventure. 
   My first tip is to travel with as much support personnel as you can!  We had both Dan and I and our good friend, Susy.  Amen. 
And let that baby wiggle and move  whenever it's available.  And when it's not, use whatever is on hand.  (Pro tip: try to resemble the bedtime routine as much as possible on the overnight flight. Footie PJs for the win!). 
Tip number two/three: be prepared to be up and feed that cute little baby at all hours.  Example: blueberries at 5am in Brussels. 
And don't forget your sense of humor. 

Next. The stroller will be your best friend. For eating, napping, and living. 
Also!  Enjoy all things local.  

And finally, make sure each has their designated beverage at all times. 

But seriously!  We had a great time!  Thankful for meaningful work, the best life partner, and family adventures!