Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Year of Plenty

If 2013 is My Last Best Year, then 2012 must have been The Year of Plenty.

This just after discovering we have some hefty tax debt from that year.  We had plenty of work.  Plenty of work I love, to boot.  It is an amazing realization that most of the books on my reading list are honestly deductible to business.  And that my husband is willing to help me keep better track of my income.  (wink, wink).  Blessed.

And plenty of health.  For the first time since, oh…forever, we did not use all of our Flex Medical money by September.  We max that puppy out every year and use it…every year.  Until last year.  No cancer.  No miscarriages.  No surgeries.  No MRIs.  Few specialist visits.  Dan got Lasik in December, so we could use it!, not lose it.   We did some preventative health care for once.  Alleluia.

Oh and plenty of play.  I got to go visit my favorite place down south – La Victoria, Dominican Republic and see a well put in La Canita.  

I stayed with my two nieces for a week while my sister and her husband went to South Africa; we Facetimed with them in Starbucks.   

D and I celebrated 5 years of marriage in Palisade and Ouray, Colorado.   And drank plenty of wine. 

Dan and I flew out east and stayed in a ten bedroom beach house with free-roaming wild horses, with my entire family!, for a week to celebrate my sister’s MBA.    

Weeks later we met my parents at Yellowstone and did the most luxurious tour of a National Park than I thought possible.  

 Then, Hannah came to visit.

We camped several times with friends in our new-to-us-old-as-I-am camper. 

And we hiked these beautiful Rocky Mountains for half days and full days.

We put up a fence and built a garage onto our little house.  I drove to Vegas with a friend to keep her company and flew back to Denver the next morning.   It was a blur; typical Vegas.

We spent Thanksgiving in sunny Florida with old friends and Dan’s Dad, hitting both of the competing theme parks in Orlando.  

And so as not to let the glory fade, we spent Christmas and New Years out east my family, with three packed days in the magical NYC.

Love.  Family.  Friends.  Extravagance, really.  PLENTY of it.