Monday, October 11, 2010

Five Fs

For about six years now I have been in a group called the Five Fs: Female Foreign Food and Film Festival.  It was an idea a friend/co-worker of mine and I had at work one day; within that same day we had planned and invited our first crew.  The idea was simple: gather women together to celebrate another culture through food and film. 

Over the years the group has grown, shrunk, moved, and morphed, but the essentials have been consistent and my love for these nights has only increased.  It combines my passions and life's simple pleasures so wonderfully.  ...even when the rosehip soup tastes like really bad baby food or I'm soaking my friends hands in milk to try to stop the stinging from the peppers she seeded without gloves.  (Note: wear gloves when dealing with chili peppers).

Here is the formula for those that are interested:
1.  Host picks country/culture/people group along with a film to watch and recipes to assign...not always in that order.  The possibilities are endless...suggestions are welcome.  Last night we did Sweden with the popular movie, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.  
2.  After host selects recipes, (most of the time via the internet - obscure sites encouraged), host sends out recipes to party goers the week before.  A week's lead time is suggested.  Ingredients are sometimes challenging to find, which is part of the fun.  Our group email's them there really any other way?
3.  People bring their prepared foods to the party.  Eat and watch the movie in no particular order.  

Our little group tries to meet bi-monthly.  It is a highlight in my life.


  1. That sounds like so much fun, Lizzy. If I were there, though, I probably would have been a grump all night because I miss Sweden. And I also miss YOU! Thanks for starting this, I am excited to keep reading. xxoo

  2. Bev! I almost called you to get advice. Good thing I didn't...I wouldn't want to be the cause of grumpo-bevin. She is scary. (When, in fact, I have never seen said grumpo-bevin...just the mere thought...shiver).

  3. Lizzy, count me in! This sounds so cool.