Friday, November 5, 2010


In the last year I have been struck by my ways of thinking around personal responsibility.  Before this last year or so, I would have said I thought it was important, but I was not as aware of how deeply this is ingrained into my fiber.

I am not sure I decided to value responsibility from the get go; to me it feels like it has always been there as a guiding principle.  Probably thanks to some combination of my family, culture, genetic predisposition and a multitude of other factors, "I came by it honestly."  It has had its upsides like never not turning in an assignment, (like - for real) and it has had its brutal sides like the gut punch of shame I have felt too many times when I do something human, but feels so very sub-human, (like - well - you name it).

So, I have been in this process of observing my "shoulds" and "oughts" around my own and other's responsibility.  And while I am still processing where that fits in my philosophical and theological paradigm, (which is probably somewhere in the existentialismish realm), I am happy to say that I am feeling much more responsible in my thinking and relating around personal responsiblity.  Sigh.

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