Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Last Best Year: Oh My God!

I have always been sensitive to saying “the Lord’s name in vain.”  Probably mostly ingrained by my conservative, Southern Baptist roots.   (And really, the Bible has something to say about it).  But maybe too because its like, “Hey!  What did he do to you?”  Heck, “What did SHE do to you?”  It just feels unnecessary.  

So, imagine my surprise, when I find myself saying these days: “Oh my God!”  “Jesus!”
I mean, I have been known to throw out some obscenities here and there, but this is breaking major Lizzy code!  

Yet, it hasn’t felt like that.  

Last night I was processing something, and here I went…”Its like, Oh MY GOD.  Jesus!”  To which dear Dan replies, “Like a prayer?”  To which I beheld, “Yes.  Like a real prayer.” 

So, just know that when this falls from my lips, I really, really mean it.  It’s more like a petition, less like profanity.  Less like habit, more like praise.

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