Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Beach Day? I Mean, That Is $400.

As part of Project I See You's trip to the Dominican Republic Feb 4 to 11, we are taking a bus full of women to the beach for a day.  Last night at our benefit concert auction, someone sponsored the day - it went for $400.  $400!  That is a lot of money compared to the other "more practical" things we were auctioning off like $500 for two sewing machines, or $250 to pay two cooks for the week.  I mean - wouldn't it be better to buy food for these women?...they could eat for a month or more for $400!.!

Good question.  My pragmatic mind goes straight there.  But consider just a few things that are expanding my heart, and curb my boxed in thinking:
1.  In May 2009 we did this very thing for these women.  They still talk about it.
2.  How do you communicate to someone that they have inherent, indelible value?  I am not sure, but I think it leans towards extravagance, which by nature is not practical.
3.  And if my practical mind persists, I go back to this:  Many of these women, who live just 20 minutes from the beach, have never been!  White, sandy beaches; clear blue/green water.  Their lives do not allow this.  That simply would not be true for any of us sitting at a computer and reading a blog.

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