Saturday, December 10, 2011

7 Years Later: Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I swear there were two people speaking German next to me in the recovery room.  The patient was male, the visitor (translator?) female.  "Would you like to sit up some?," the lady said.  I envisioned her with short blond hair, rosy checks, and a full, broad body.  I could only hear them.  'The surgery is done...that was fast,' I thought to myself.  German, blurred vision, cotton mouth, woozy head, i have cancer?, the voice said faintly.  I fell back to sleep.

Oriented again, my thoughts a little clearer, 'Do I have cancer?...'  'Open your eyes.'  Blurrrrrrry vision.  I closed my eyes.  'Do I have cancer?'  I opened my eyes, I moved my head a little.

"Do you want your glasses?"  'She is talking to you.'  "Lizzy, would you like your glasses?"

"Yes."  I could hear her stooping down to my bag of things.
"Do I have cancer?"  "Just rest now."  "I know but do you know?"  "The doctor will talk to you when you get back to your room."  "Okay, just tell me did they take the whole thing out?"  "The whole thing?"  "Yes, did they take the whole thyroid out?"  "Yes they did."  "Then I have cancer."  "Okay, just rest."

I felt the metal touch my temples, on the right, now left.   A flash of clarity and I nodded off again.

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