Tuesday, February 14, 2012

7 Years Later: Radioactive Vday

7 years ago today, I went radioactive for Valentine's Day.  Thanks to the Manhattan Project and the iodine-absorbing qualities of the thyroid, "chemotherapy" for thyroid cancer takes on the form of a pill that you swallow.  Pretty amazing actually.

It was the most special Valentine's Day delivery I have ever had.  Said "pill" comes in a very unique package with a very specific procedure.  Step one: enter closet sized room by yourself.  Step two: notice various people coming in and out of the room in head to toe radioactive suit gear.  Step three: watch a airplane-like drink cart be rolled into your little space by another radioactive suit gear person (RASGP).  Step four:  RASGP speaks, "Lizzy.  So, I am going to open this box and then I am going to need you to just swallow this like a pill.  Here are your radio-active fall out instructions.  Do you have any questions?"  Step five: Just say no.  Step six: One compartment, two compartment, three compartment, four.  Swallow the pill, and RASGP is out the door.

Done and done.  I swallowed a pill that has "fall out" instructions.  Including that my family was to leave my meals for the next 24 hours outside of my room door and I was to come pick them up myself.  Kind of like Sloth from The Goonies.  (He turned out to be a real sweetheart).  But Dad brought it to my bedside anyways.  It was Valentine's Day after all.

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