Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Blog and Tell Me When Lent Begins

Oh blog of mine.  I have neglected you.  Too much sickness, too little energy to type...

I am not sure about your neck of the woods, but mine has been virus-ridden and sleepy-laden.  Hibernation might have been a better option for January. 

But!, the holidays were lovely and February is well on its way.  Both involve a lot of red, which is my new favorite color.  Good book ends to a icky sicky month. 

And, once again, I am back at it.  Gone are the excuses; here is the resolve.   I need to tell the rest of my 7 Years Later story, I want to tell you about Project I See You,  I have a storyline in my head about the Church that needs critiquing...  When does lent begin?  (Forgive me, I was raised in non-liturgical tradition; loving and lovely though it was).  I think I will blog daily for that season.

Next up:  memories of a radioactive Valentine's Day.

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