Monday, February 11, 2013

My Last Best Year: Why I Blog

Every blogger has their own motivation(s) for writing and every person has their own opinions on blogs in general.  Plat-forming? Narcissism?  Cry for help?  Boredom?  Loneliness?  Business-building? Charity? 

I am not even going to try to get into the entanglement of all my motivations for blogging, but I am clear on a few things.

#1 – I don’t write to garner support…although sometimes that does happen and I welcome it.  I think I can write more openly and freely as I go along because I do have amazing support in my life.  Amazing people, primarily.  People that love me in the brokenness, in me and around me,  and see through all the BS to who I really am.  People that free me up to be real and so really heal.

#2 – I don’t write for advice.   Although I am open to feedback and sometimes ask for it, I have got plenty of information at my fingertips.  Good healthcare, spiritual friends, counselors, family.  I really don’t need any more advice, spiritual or otherwise.  I find that when I want to give advice, it is to fix someone and I am not writing to be fixed.  Real help, I am open to; advice, I am not.  Except in some areas – like my broken water heater, or what color I should paint my dining room, or if I really should follow the coral-color lipstick trend…so maybe I will share a Daily Dilemma or two…

#2 – I want more stories about the broken places, in the actual broken places.  And the Life that springs up there.  I live in a culture (White, Middle Class, Christian) that tells a lot of stories of triumph and healing – but mostly after the fact.  And only victorious ones.  There is a natural propensity to isolate, and therefore self-protect, when life is up-side-down, but I believe that Grace allows us to be more free in our most broken places - in the midst - messy emotions and bodies and humanity and all.  I could use a little more story-telling like that in my life. 

And so I set the stage to blog a bit more about the last couple of months in my Last Best Year, and all the joy and sorrow in it.

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