Saturday, February 12, 2011

La Victoira Post #2

Just a minute, but we have had another great day.  And all of us can´t believe it is Tuesday already!  I mean, really...time has flow.

Today, more women were trained on the sewing machines.  They are soooo excited about sewing.  We did a business training focusing on finances, and the ladies were very interested.  Also!  Great talks with the women about their primary health concerns, water!  Connections to start a well, filtration system, and employ women are happening already...can you believe it!  In a week!  But we are praying through it and trying not to get ahead of ourselves.

As we as a team consider this grassroots project, we are encouraged by all of the local connections that are coming to mind, including a female pastor that is already doing great work there.  More to come...Mercy is calling me to get in the car!

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