Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Enter Into the Mess

Before I went to the DR, I sort of anticipated that I would come home with more to do than I when I went: because I am a big picture gal and because I felt the momentum for the trip building enough to sense that Project I See You would continue and even grow after our second trip.   It just felt as if my life could become a little more messy? non-routine? out of the box?  And that it has and here I am.

Some are naturally okay with this, but in my nature I am a 9 to 5 gal; I like my life in tidy little compartments.  My life is anything but that right now.  I work as a counselor, which by nature ebbs and flows and is somewhat day to day.  When counseling is ebbing I spend my extra time working on Step Up Enterprises and its non-profit arm, Step Up to Help, with my friend Brian.  I also pick up shifts at a 24 hour acute treatment unit when they need help. I also have a husband that works an overnight rotating schedule... And, now, to boot, Project I See You had an amazing week, (actually two weeks - three ladies stayed an extra week!), and it seems that our next steps will involve areas that are irresistible to me and I know something(s) about.

Having a past of perpetual over-commitment, (that was thankfully altered by years of serious physical illness), I asked for prayer from my nearest and dearest before I went "to be able to discern what is best" and where to say no.  Interestingly, as I have prayed, I have heard one thing, "Enter into the mess."  To which I reply, "Like - this messier mess?"  To which I think I have heard, "Yes...for now."

So - here I am: entering into the mess.  The mess of my non-routine, day to day, out of the box life.  Freely, deeply, with open hands...


  1. Awesome to be in the mess with you, Lizzy! Way more exciting than boring! Here's to the next season of mess.

  2. Are you saying I am naturally boring? ha, ha! Thanks, Brian.