Saturday, February 12, 2011

La Victoria Post #1

What an amazing first couple of days we had!  It is hard to say all that has happened, but here are a few points,
-  Amazing visits with the women in their homes asking questions about their lives, their health concerns, their dreams, their ability to start or run a business.
 - Today we started several projects with the women.  Including magazine beads that the women took home over our lunch break and came back with them better than we showed them.  A woven magazine basket, which is the hardest, but we made progress!  Including getting the pieces compiled and then starting to weave the bottom of the basket.
-Training for the women on working together as a group and how to address things like jealousy, unforgiveness, competition, and each being gifted uniquely. Prayers for unity.
- Two babies in the campo were desperate for medical care and we were able to provide that for them.
It seems that the needs should be overwhelming when I sit back and consider all that we have heard and seen from the women.  We are asking that God allows us to truly see each other, these women, and what God wants to do here, and he has shown us so much!  But, God has been so faithful to show us our next steps each day and we are amazed at how things are lining up.  Things like the community center director already considering  starting a sewing business, connections with a campo church to start a well and-or a water filtration goes on.

On another note of a bunch of Americanos living in a little DR town....well...the stories could flow.  We have had more than the usual issues with water and have had to haul our water up stairs each day for 14 people to flush toilets and for brief bucket showers.  Lets not go into the poop water on the floor incident...should we use bleach on that...Don´t worry, us liberals bought supplies for a cuba libra.  Those always help.  Praise God.  But seriously, lets praise Him.  We are blessed beyond belief. 

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