Thursday, February 3, 2011

La Victoria, Here We Come...

I had these visions of writing this reflective, hopefully inspiring blog post about my upcoming trip to the DR with Project I See You.  Well, as with most idealism, that came crashing down today when reality set in.  I have 12 hours until I have to sleep for a few and wake up on my way to the airport.  7 of which I will be working; oh, yes - and I must pack.  And make sure I have my passport.  And my daily essentials.  And don't forget your bathing suit...and toilet paper....  You get the picture.

Speaking of the essentials though, here are a few of our trip for those that are interested. 
 - We leave Denver early, early February 4th from Denver and get back late, late February 11th. 
- During the week we will be working on handicraft projects, brainstorming ideas, and offering some training in the afternoons.  And since I am not crafty!, (ask me about the baby hat I knitted that was too big for my husband's head!), I will be doing some business and financial literacy training with my friend Tammy.  And I will also be leading some discussions and teaching on women's health with my friend Angie.
- All the while we will also be doing things that hopefully communicate to these women how much we love them, God loves them, and their deep value.  We want them to truly see them; and we want to be seen too.  One night we will wash their feet, like Jesus did.  (We did this two years ago and it was powerful).  On Thursday we will take them to the beach.  (No men allowed.  And only children that are nursing; or as Mercy said once, "Mama con leche...;" we all cried it was so funny, but especially our Dominican friends).

If you pray and think of us, we would love that support.  There have been a few minor safety concerns in La Victoria recently; we will be smart and covet your prayers.  We feel there is something much bigger than our plans for this trip; we will be listening and watching for that.  Several of the women going are pregnant (all trimesters included); they are brave and trusting.  That is just the start, so "pray as you feel led."

I hope to have pictures of some original, free-trade, eco-friendly handicrafts when I return!  (How many more yuppie buzz words can I include!, she said self-deprecatingly).  And stories.  Stories of single mother's and young woman's lives that give us hope for this fatherless community on the outskirts of La Victoria. 

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